September 19, 2018

Why Have a Videographer at Your Wedding?

By now, you have seen a wedding video of a close friend, family member, or a celebrity you follow. You are touched by the love stories that are told and the vows that are read but you might be surprised to know that many couples choose not to hire a videographer for their wedding. Wedding videographers are usually one of the last vendors to be hired because a couple waits to see what their budget is like before they splurge on one, but those who do are so happy they did.

Your wedding day will go so fast you’re lucky to get a piece of your own cake and as much as you try to be present in the moment, it is impossible to remember every little detail of your wedding and that is where a videographer comes into play. Having a videographer there to capture the moments you might miss is why having one there will be more important to you than you realize.

They show/capture/preserve all the moments you had while getting ready with your bridesmaids and groomsmen, smashing cake into each others faces, and watching your friends and family break out their hot dance moves on the dance floor. They let you relive your wedding day all over again each time you watch it and you get the beauty of watching and sharing it as many times as you want!

Here are a few other reasons why you should hire a videographer:

  • You get to have your love story made into a cinematic movie
  • Instead of sifting through hundreds of photos it is much easier to share a video to your friends and family that captures the entire event, especially for those who weren’t able to attend
  • Hear your vows and watch your wedding ceremony from a different point of view
  • It is an investment that you get to enjoy long after the wedding and relive the day all over again
  • Photos can capture a still moment in time but a video captures both movement and sound


Here is a testimonial from a couple that chose to hire me as a videographer for their wedding:

We had been on the fence to get a videographer, but I was worried that I would regret not having a video to look back on. But I’m so glad we did because I find myself watching the video at least once a month to remember the joy from that day! I would 100% recommend Lauren to everyone! You won’t be disappointed, and you will fall in love with your video over and over again!!” – Jenn + Luke

If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer, many who have hired one will say take the leap and do it! Videographers are able to capture moments that a photographer isn’t able to and I can’t say I know a person that has ever regretted hiring one. You get to relive your love story, hear your vows, see your first dance, see family members who have passed since, and fall in love with the person you married over and over again whenever you want! How could you not want that?

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